ShowMax, SA's latest video on demand service tested -

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imageShowMax, SA's latest video on demand service tested -

Should you subscribe to ShowMax, South Africa's latest video on demand service? Find out here.

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  • This is very strange. We have been watching shows on my iPad Air over wi-fi and LTE as well as on the Samsung app on our 46 inch 1080p TV with zero quality issues at all. Our LTE connection runs at about 45mbps and the home ADSL at 10mbps uncapped and unshaped. The video is always on 720p and runs very smoothly. My principal issue with the service is that I have experienced 2 down periods where I am not even able to bring up the sign in page on line. This for me is not acceptable as they do not even post an apology online or say that they are experiencing high usage and some customers might struggle to log in, meaning I am running around looking for solutions to a problem that is not on my side. Other than that I would really recommend the service, particularly at the pittance of a monthly fee.
  • The quality seems to be really variable - some people have had no problems, on my Android tablet over ADSL & LTE I get mostly DVD quality and audio sync issues.

    One thing I have noticed is that going from tablet to TV via HDMI or wireless display makes the audio lag worse. Weird.
  • I have been testing the system on my 2MB ADSL which has proven to be less than than adequate to put it mildly. Showmax's help desk eventually admitted that a 2MB ADSL connection will not ever work properly and I "should get get a minimum of 4MB." Reading the comments above, they clearly have major issues with their Flash platform, and even 4MB isn't going to cut it.
  • @{Peter Chaplin} To be fair to them, I've been using it on a 4Mbps connection at home without any issue serious technical issues since the implemented the fix for the audio problems. There's lots I wish was better (especially the recommendation engine and size of library) but I've been pleasantly surprised at the fact that it has got better. In the interest of balance, I also stream Netflix flawlessly on the same connection, but BBC iPlayer struggles (presumably because there's no optimisation for streaming that outside the UK).
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